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Cosmetic dentistry : tooth whitening
Odontoterapy : Therapy cavities bonding and sustainable fosete sealing grooves and modern materials from Germany, Switzerland and USA.
Treatment Endodontics; root canal treatments
Prosthetics : Works physiognomy of ceramics (porcelain), zirconium, and full-ceramic. Hearing skeleton with anchoring systems of modern works on physiognomy implants.
Dental Prophylaxis : Scaling with ultrasonic, brushing Professional
Periodontology : periodontal surgery
Dental Surgery : Extraction of teeth Odontectomy; resections bee; Transplantation; Gingivo-osteoplastie
Implant : high quality implants.
For appointments and details please call us directly at 0264-412 376 or cabinet, Address: Barsa Street, No.3, Block L1 ap.2, Cluj-Napoca.
Schedule : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 15.00 - 19.00, Wednesday: 09.00 - 12.00
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